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“Dr. Zap!” – Kevin St. Onge

Science is exciting . . . and it should be presented that way! Dr. Zap sparks groups into exploring science through his demonstrations and lively audience interaction, keeping the event dynamic and challenging! Science concepts are entertainingly brought to life! For over 13 years, hundreds of schools have used Dr. Zap to arouse science interest and motivate students to reach for technical careers. Kevin St. Onge (Dr. Zap) has earned placement in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Entertainment, to name a few.


Actors & Playwrights’ Initiative Theatre

The Actors & Playwrights’ Initiative Theatre (API), founded 1989, is a professional non-profit theatre dedicated to the development and production of new American plays. API Theatre’s Outreach program began in 1994 and has since toured over 75 performances a year. Past productions include Ebenezer!, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Firebird, Ama and the White Crane, and Poe’s Scary Stuff. In addition to performances, API presents student workshops in playwriting, improvisation and creative dramatics. API Theatre has partnered educational theatre tours and programs with Education for the Arts (Kalamazoo), St. Joseph County ISD, Hastings Public Schools and Kalamazoo Recreation Department.


Cheney & Mills: Human Cartoons & Juggling Theatricks

Cheney & Mills have cavorted across mid-America’s stages since 1981. With uncanny audience rapport and surprising versatility, they’re equally at home in theaters, on festivals stages and in schools. Their mesmerizing, hilarious characters in oversized Swiss masks bring to life an age-old artform; their amazing split-second juggling in new-vaudeville style draws the audience in with an ambiance that is utterly inviting. “They are truly a treasure!” (Ripon College, Wisconsin)


Give ’Em Hell, Harry

Professional actor Raymond Gautreau presents a fascinating portrayal of the life and presidency of Harry S Truman, 34th President of the United States. Playwright Samuel Gallu’s script, laden with stories, is at times humorous, touching, invigorating, enlightening and always honest. Gautreau’s portrayal has been hailed by audiences and critics throughout west Michigan for its sensitivity, depth, accuracy and humor. Let history come alive for your audiences with this truly entertaining program about a fascinating man.

Hank Fincken: A National Theatre Company of One

Hank Fincken performs five original one-man interactive plays about Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, Johnny Appleseed, Francisco Pizarro and a “49er” on the California Trail. If the audience/actor interaction and the historical details make each performance unique, the crafted scripts and sets make them art. Fincken has performed throughout the United States (including the Ohio, Indiana, and New Jersey humanities councils) and South America. All performances have been endorsed by the Indiana Historical Society, the Indiana Arts Commission and the Indiana Humanities Council.

Houdini: American Icon

This is an authentic portrayal of Harry Houdini’s life by Bill Martin, a magician, escape artist and Houdini scholar. The young immigrant from Budapest accepted the opportunities offered by America. Reinventing himself as Harry Houdini from Appleton, Wisconsin, he became the greatest entertainer of his time and a leader in the struggle for social justice. Witness his death-defying escapes. “Standing ovation.” “Superb.” “Scholarly.” “Magic and escape artistry.”

Jet Y.E.S.

Jet Y.E.S. offers three theatrical pieces. Dear Esther—the actual experience of Esther Terner Raab; her escape from Sobibor, a Nazi death camp where 1,000,000 perished, and how children’s letters helped her make peace with her life. Shades of Grey—a provocative piece for teens dealing with respect for differences. I Was Just Kidding—a delightful treatment for elementary students about hurtful things children say to each other with no sense of their consequence.

Jonathan Park

Choose your show! The Comedy Juggling Show features lots of laughs and amazing skill including juggling on a six-foot-high unicycle and cups and saucers kicked from foot to head into an eight-object balance. The Funny Waiter Show presents not only the cups and saucers but also plate spinning, the tablecloth pull and the dueling waiter marshmallow routine! Educational shows regarding alcohol (high school) or nutrition (K–8) also available.

Magical Rain Theaterworks

Magical Rain Theaterworks creates theater experiences exploring story, myth, movement, wisdom of the heart and body and creativity of diverse peoples and cultures. Performances, workshops and retreats for K–12, college and adult audiences, are available. Repertoire includes: Palabras Luminosas (Latino luminous language, laughter and lore), The Hero’s Heart (stories of compassion and courage), La Malinche’s Curses (an ancient Mexican story) and Uvieta’s Wishes (a cosmic trickster tale).

Mr. Physics

Learning the wonders of science with Mr. Physics is an exciting adventure. Theatrical presentation encourages thinking like a real scientist about the creative beauty of the natural world and the laws of the universe. Using audience participation, Mr. Physics demonstrates with kindergarten children as well as rocket scientists. The dynamics of scientific principles are artistically applied to everyday activities—cooking, bicycling, skateboarding and more. The basis of physics itself is the scientific attitude of curiosity. In each program, Mr. Physics raises curiosity with his main transportation—a seven-foot-high unicycle! A science show everyone will love.

O. J. Anderson: Michigan’s Greatest UN-Natural Resource!

“One of America’s funniest ‘physical’ comedians.” (Washington Post) With more than 25 years of clean, quality, “catch-your-breath” comedy, O. J. continues to be the most reliable source of laughter in Michigan today. O.J. presented to 266 elementary and high schools in 1999 on kindness, respect, and alcohol/substance awareness. Anderson’s appearances include: keynote speaker for SADD, STAND, PRIDE, 4-H and Michigan Librarians Association conventions. Outrageous comedy tailored to every venue, with 86 percent ageless audience participation. O. J. Anderson—you will never laugh harder!

PEGGY: The Life and Times of Mrs. Benedict Arnold

Why would the daring, brilliant soldier, who twice saved the American Revolution and finally won the decisive battle that guaranteed our independence, turn coat and betray the patriot cause? Was he under the spell of his beautiful, young, second wife? Hear Penny Avery, playing the title role in this one-woman play, tell the story of the tumultuous Arnold marriage, while the fate of the fledgling United States of America hung in the balance.

Riverlight and Company: Song of Walt Whitman

Song of Walt Whitman has been adapted by master writer/director J. Kline Hobbs for master performer Steven Hauck with an original music score by master keyboardist Jeff Dallavalle. Funded by a month-long grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the 1999 Battle Creek Premiere included area high school, college and senior workshops on “Poetry in Performance.” “Hauck is galvanic and overpowering, like a super-charged bundle of energy he sizzles across the stage.” (Chris Tower, Battle Creek Enquirer) “Congratulations on a splendid rendering of the spirit and soul of Whitman.” (Professor Maurice Crane, MSU)

Samantha “Rastles” the Woman Question

Samantha “Rastles” the Woman Question is a one-woman show based on the writings of 19th-century American author Marietta Holley, whose rustic philosopher character uses “horse sense” humor to challenge gender assumptions of the culture and plant herself squarely on the side of sensible women’s rights. Jane Curry toured nine seasons with the Minnesota Chautauqua and since 1981 has performed for general audiences in 46 states, Israel and Japan. Also available are three other shows that combine history, storytelling and humor: Nice Girls Don’t Sweat, Just Say Know: Educating Females for the 21st Century and Miz Wizard’s Science Secrets.

Sandra Hansen: Women’s History ALIVE!

Four fascinating one-woman plays and workshops bring history ALIVE! for all ages. Civil War Women examines excerpts from five women’s diaries. Kate’s Pants, a lighthearted introduction to women’s history, explores dress reform from Seneca Falls to the present. Bride’s Cake is a motivational play about a young woman who wants to go to college in 1880. Chewing Gum Junk Shop is a silly, audience participation program about 20th-century women.


Scheer Assembly Shows

In the past 17 years, no other entertainer has appeared before more Michigan elementary audiences than Doug Scheer. He offers ten different 45-minute productions that are in such demand that he “sells out” every year. Each program focuses on one of the following: lifeskills, democratic values, violence prevention, math, memory, science, reading, environment, Halloween and “Scheer” Magic. Full-scale illusions, hands-on participation, audience role-playing, extravagant sets, magic, and comedy make these unique shows a riot. Call for color brochures.


Shawn Jacob: The Amazing Egghead

Treat your group to the outrageous antics of The Amazing Egghead. Audience-driven routines feature physical comedy, sight gags, wacky magic and zany juggling. Shawn’s popular Seeing Stars! program challenges children and adults to consider such skills for living as sharing, teamwork, attention and respect. Other age-appropriate programs and workshops focus on reading, diversity appreciation and drug prevention. “Shawn’s show is a high-energy, side-splitting experience that involves everyone!” (Peter Moss, Principal, Crystal Lake Elementary, Benzonia)

The “Spoon Man”

The “Spoon Man” wants to spoon you. He is an interactive family comedian. In 1986, he performed for Mikhail Gorbachev while in Russia. He also performed for former U.S. President Gerald Ford and Mr. Rogers. Cruise gives the audience an original comedy performance. His totally clean act (never uses dirty silverware) with audience participation is ideal for schools, libraries, fairs and festivals. Cruise invites you to join his growing list of the “SPOONED.”

The Amazing Clark

The Amazing Clark presents magic, puppetry, comedy and lots of audience participation to create an exciting show. A fast-paced, fun-filled performance for audiences of young and old alike is sure to dazzle and astound, while keeping audiences smiling. Clark’s new Art is Everywhere educational assembly is also available. Past credits include: The Roseland Theater on Broadway, New York City; Fisher Theater, Detroit; Cleveland Public Theater, Cleveland, Ohio. “Your performance at our world headquarters was captivating,” said Laura Bochenek, Meritor Automotive, Inc.


Zeemo, The Yo-Yo Man

Zeemo performs a variety of different shows. The Yo-Yo Man and The One-Man Circus are fun shows well suited to festivals and family events. The Science of Spinning and Zeemo’s Electricity and Magnetism Show are educational and best suited to school assembly programs. The educational shows are geared for elementary and middle schools. All programs include audience participation. Yo-yo workshops can also be conducted and yo-yos and trick books can be supplied for an additional fee.


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